"Linda, I was reflecting on all the progress I've made since I first started working with you in Bottom Line Business Coaching;
  • You helped me to understand our financial statements, especially whether we were profitable or not, and what I needed to charge to cover salaries, expenses, OH, and profit. I really enjoy the clarity on knowing this bottom line information.
  • You spent the time to walk me through how to reconcile things in Quickbooks, and gave me the confidence to hire a new CPA.
  • We spent the time to go through Qbooks and get everything in the right places.
  • You knew when to push me forward, when to let me rest and digest, and enthusiastically picked up again at the perfect time.
  • I know what my bottom line is for pricing, and how much leeway I have.
  • I developed a real understanding of our value, and could come to the negotiating table with that power.
  • You taught me how to negotiate renewal agreements, most importantly, introducing me to the language of business negotiation.
  • I received $10,500 that I would not have otherwise asked for when clients did not or could not keep their commitments.
  • I am so grateful for the loving way you brought [my husband] David into our coaching relationship - it's made a huge difference in our business relationship and our personal relationship.
With the clarity we've gained through your coaching, we saw what was holding us back from building up the revenue from our own properties, and could then take the steps we needed to take to move forward. David is more focused, and I am more supportive of him because we're both on the same page with real numbers and expectations."
~ There is so much more... Tammi, Co-Founder, Braveheart Design, Inc.

“In running a business there are often so many great opportunities that seem like really good deals to take advantage of and it is hard to know which ones to say YES to and which ones to postpone or even pass on. Linda quickly helped us to create a tool to evaluate the information we already had and analyze the numbers for each project to systematically look at them with clarity. She helped us to get clear on the projects we would see our desired return on our investment, and when we would want or need that return to be realized. She also helped us to see what expenses the project research and ramp up might entail (not only monetarily, but also our time and our energy). In just a few short sessions, Linda taught us how to use the information we already had to make wise business decisions. Most importantly she taught us how to know when to say no and at what point it was time to stop investing in projects further if they didn’t work out the way they were projected. In working with Linda, we developed a sense of confidence and saved a lot of money, not to mention a lot of time and headaches because we were now making business decisions from a point of knowledge and clear expectations.”
~ Melinda Cohan, Co-Founder of The Coaches Console - www.coachesconsole.com

"Linda Lockwood, with her down-to-earth delivery, financial savvy, and ravishing attention to detail, has been a brilliant Bottom Line Coach for The School of Womanly Arts. She has assisted me in making smart, effective and sound decisions that have led to the school being more successful than ever before. I am so grateful for Linda's wisdom and experience!"
~ R T, Business Consulting Client

“Linda is our part-time CFO. I'm on the East Coast, she's on the West Coast. We did weekly calls, she walked me through how to correct my QuickBooks issues, helped me hire a new CPA, encouraged me to hire a person to come in and make the changes in QB that were beyond my skills level. She guided me on many strategic issues ranging from contract negotiations, understanding our breakeven point, increasing our pricing and launching a new division.

Here are the results: Very tight control on our financials (both personal and business), My husband and I are both on the same page in terms of our business finances, Able to launch a new division - something my husband has wanted to do for a long time but I couldn't figure out how to make it work financially…we brought it to Linda and now - 18 months later - we're crushing it! We essentially have bought our freedom.”
~ T W, Business Consulting Client