"Work Smarter, not Harder!..."
Are you struggling to keep up with the financial side of your business or personal life?

Are you obsessed with figuring out how to make your business more profitable?

Are you tired of not really understanding your financial information and afraid that it's too complex for you to ever understand or use?

Are you on the verge of making a major change in the financial direction of your personal or business life, but have hit questions and uncertainties that have stalled your progress and kept you from moving forward?

Do you feel like you're "successful" but still have trouble saving money, and can't seem to get started laying a solid foundation for your financial future?

Achieving your financial goals can be very elusive, especially if you are missing crucial, fundamental components of your overall financial picture.

Accurate information and an understanding of your financial situation is the key to creating strategies that will help you reach your goals and realize the profits you know are possible. It isn’t impossible or even terribly complex, and you don’t need to become an accountant to learn how to interpret and use your financial information. What you do need is a grounded understanding, key tools and techniques and a well developed plan to guide your decisions and help you measure your progress.

That's where I can help. Using my education, expertise and easy-to-understand style, I will give you the knowledge, insight and tools you need to understand your financial information. I will teach you how to use this information as a foundation for creating and evaluating business strategies and making decisions that will help you move forward and start achieving your financial goals.

Linda Lockwood Accounting & Financial Consulting
2023 E. Sims Way, #130
Port Townsend, WA

"Linda Lockwood is pure gold in the world of financial consulting. With her business coaching, I was able to create a successful operating budget, and she helped me organize my staff into a powerful team; who all have an eye on the bottom line! She is so knowledgeable, and so skilled, in business, that I hired her to coach me in my personal finances as well. Once again, she simply blew my mind with the length and breadth of her experience and insight. For example, as she reviewed my personal finances, she showed me how I could save over $10,000/year in health insurance, alone. We are now working on the intricate details of my personal spending and savings, which would be impossible for me to navigate at today's high level of sophistication, without her skilled guidance and generous support. She knows so much about so many things and explains all in easily understandable terms, she is worth her weight in gold!”

~ Regena Thomashauer, founder Mama Gena's School of Womanly Arts ~ 2010